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Head Massager for Stress Relief and Sleep Therapy - USB Charging

Head Massager for Stress Relief and Sleep Therapy - USB Charging

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Relieve all tension with this revolutionary Head Massager

Designed to provide both comfort and style; the ergonomic shape perfectly fits the curve of your head, offering a comfortable and scientific experience like never before.

Includes completely adjustable fasteners to fit any head size, ensuring it stays securely in place without slipping off. 

Features 3 massage modes

  • Sleep mode
  • Depression mode
  • Relief mode

All controlled by the easy-to-use On/Off button.

Adjust between 9 intensity levels to suit your preferences with the simple click of a button.

Low-frequency TSNS pulse technology provides a powerful function that effectively relieves pain, stress, and promotes better sleep.

At just 14.3x1.9cm, this Head Massager is both lightweight and portable, and with its USB rechargeable battery, it's ready to use whenever you need it.

How to use:
1) Remove the electronic pad.
2) Open the protective cover (you need to save it for later use).
3) Mount the pad to the device.
4) Wet your forehead with a bit of water.
5) Wear the device in the appropriate area for effective massage as shown.
6) Select mode and intensity as needed


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